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Daytona USA - Double Seaters (Japan Import Refurbished Unit)
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Daytona USA - Double Seaters (Japan Import Refurbished Unit)

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SKU: Sega Daytona USA Twin Seater (Refurbished)
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About This Product

  • Most commonly sold in the “Twin” format so that a pair of players can compete against the other
  • Model 2 powered graphics provide bright detail, a unique physics model and a true sense of speed
  • Real time texture mapping, a high resolution 29" screen and true-to-life sound effects for a fully immersive experience
  • 4-position gear shifter. Experienced players can use this to pull off drifts in the right places on the tracks
  • 3 tracks to race on at different difficulties: Three-Seven Speedway (Beginner); Dinosaur Canyon (Advanced); Sea-Side Street Galaxy (Expert)
  • “V.R.” View Change Buttons – 4 buttons with different views including 1st and 3rd person views
  • Link up to 8 units for multiplayer mayhem or run tournaments
  • Various “secret codes” and tricks can be input by players which brings them back. For example, activate the TIME ATTACK mode by holding down on the Start button and pressing the accelerator while on the Transmission Selection screen
  • TWIN MODEL ONLY: Access the operator menu to activate the Grand Prix (Beginner Course = 20 laps; Intermediate = 10 laps; Expert = 5 laps) or Endurance modes (Beginner course = 80 laps; Intermediate = 40 laps; Expert = 20 laps)
  • Sega’s Daytona USA Twin is no longer produced, having been released in 1994. Please call us about availability. All used models pass through PrimeTime Amusement’s “Certified Pre-Owned” program, which guarantees that the game will be completely refurbished and ready to operate upon arrival

1 month local manufacturer warranty (excludes tear and wear parts)