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Wangan Midnight 3Dx Plus - Single Seater (Japan Import Refurbished Unit)
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Wangan Midnight 3Dx Plus - Single Seater (Japan Import Refurbished Unit)

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SKU: Wangan Midnight 3Dx Plus Single Seater (Refurbished)
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About This Product

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX is an update of Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3.

The game was based on the Wangan Midnight manga and it is the fourth game in the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune series and the fifth entry of the Wangan Midnight arcade series.

Product Feature

  • New features includes the additional of Nagoya Speed Ring area, 4 new cars (Lancer Evolution X, Mazda Roadster (NCEC), Fairlady Z (Z34) and Impreza GRB), the extension of Story Mode up to 100 stages, and max HP up to 825.
  • Version 1 and version 2 data cards can't be transferred over, only version 3 data cards can be transferred over.
  • There is an additional "DX" printed on top right of the data card to differentiate between MT3 and 3DX cards
  • Official car in Time Attack mode is removed.
  • Shaded MT3 cards are unshaded when transferred over, giving players a chance to finish the uncompleted stages in story mode undefeated without having to start over from stage 1.
  • In version C. of MT3DX, if you get defeated anywhere in storymode, you will be shaded regardless of unshaded status.
  • Hakone outbound and inbound are combined into one course in time attack mode
  • Several Fauna species are used as backgrounds for various amounts of Outrun Stars. The list below is a rough indication of the image.

               - 0 ~ 999 Stars - Blank

               - 1000 ~ 1999 - Falcon

               - 2000 ~ 3999 - Brumby/Horse

               - 4000 ~ 6999 - Scorpion

               - 7000 ~ 9999 - Wolf

               - 10000 ~ 14999 - Hornet

               - 15000 ~ 19999 - Shark/s

               - 20000 ~ 29999 - Tiger

               - 30000 ~ 39999 - Tarantula

               - 40000 ~ 69999 - Dragon(Chinese)

  • Changes to the Discarded tuning card system
  • Cards now become Present Cards after 60 plays, instead of directly turning into Discarded cards.
  • Discarded tuning cards can now only be used once instead of twice, and the Body Color now stays intact as the originally chosen factory color as the card that the discard came from.

1 month local manufacturer warranty (excludes tear and wear parts)