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Vdarts Mini Plus
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Vdarts Mini Plus

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  • Vdarts Mini Plus Use Manual   Size: 1.91 MB     [download]

Vdarts Mini Plus

Item Specifics
- Dimension in cm: 7.4(thickness) x 54.8(W) x 99.5(H)
- Voltage: AC 220 V

- Weight:20kg
- 6 months warranty 

- Global online play

- LED smart target
- Miss sensor
- VDartsGame (APP)
- 14-inch touch screen panel
- Laser line technology
- Coin acceptor and card reader
- Ultra-noise reduction
- VDartsGame (APP)

Package Included

- Wall shell
- Card reader
- Cashbox
- LED lights

- Built-in microphone and speakers for a better online gaming experience!
- One-time purchase. No more profit sharing. This will allow you to bring your dart business to another level!
- Global online darts game. Play with other players online.
- Numerous dart games available for a combination of competition and fun!
- Click here to download Vdarts Mini Plus user manual

Delivery Information
We are using a third party courier service with installation service. 

14-inch Touch Screen Panel

LED Smart Taget

Stunning Design - Runnig LED

LED Target Calculate the Points for You

Communicate with Friends During Online Battles

Laser Line

Coin Acceptor and Card Reader

Ultra Noice Reduction

Vdarts Mini Plus Introduction!

VDarts Mini Plus Operation Video!!