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Super Mario Bros Gottlieb Pinball (Refurbished)
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Super Mario Bros Gottlieb Pinball (Refurbished)

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About This Product

Super Mario Bros. is a pinball machine licensed by Nintendo and developed by Gottlieb. It was released in the U.S.A on April 25, 1992 and a total of 4,200 units were manufactured.

There's a screen on the bottom of the lightbox which keeps track of the current score and can also display various animations during gameplay (such as Mario running towards a Castle).

The aim of the game is to become Super Mario by spelling S-U-P-E-R, which then allows the player to shoot for the castle. Destroying seven castles in seven different worlds will rescue the Princess and the player is then able to enter their name and score.


The game consists of six different rounds

  • Bomb round – Light the Bob-omb fuse by hitting the left ramp spot target while the bomb insert is flashing. Once done so, shoot the ball into any of the sinkholes to gain 30 million points. 
  • Mega Bumpers round – Simply hit each pop bumper to score a bonus 1 million points.
  • Yoshi’s Countdown round – Hit Yoshi’s spot target on the raised upper playfield to collect the countdown value.
  • ! Round – Hit the "!" targets to collect increasingly higher scores. The scores range from 1, 2, 3, 5 and finally 10 million.
  • Castle Extra Ball round – Enter the castle during in this round to collect an extra ball.
  • Cave Count-Up round – Hit the spot targets within the area known as Luigi’s cave. 

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