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LA Machine Gun - Double Players (Japan Import Refurbished Unit)
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LA Machine Gun - Double Players (Japan Import Refurbished Unit)

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SKU: LA Machine Guns (Refurbished)-1
Weight: 215 kg, 0 grams
Stock: Stock available

Shipping: Delivery within 2-5 days
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About This Product

LA Machine Guns is a gun game which is set in the near future in LA where the police now use hover-bikes and robots seem common.

In 2025, a militia of androids, who call themselves the "R.O.M." - "Rage Of the Machines", has suddenly materialized in Los Angeles. The androids launch a fierce offensive against the entire West Coast regions and the federal government responds by mobilizing its ace counterterrorist forces "S.I.F.A.T". Against the backdrop of the Pacific coast, a struggle of unparalleled intensity has begun.

During your mission, you will encounter enormous amounts of enemies ranging from human size robots to lightning fast weapon pods. The player is armed with a heavy machine gun which he uses to survive the 4 stages of the game.

Product Feature

  • Original SEGA Japan Import
  • Commercial grade and durable quality
  • Number of Simultaneous Players: 2
  • Maximum number of Players: 2
  • Gameplay: Joint
  • Weight: 215kg

Local Warranty

  • 1 month warranty on motherboard excluded tear and wear parts.