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Initial D Stage 8 Arcade Game Street Racing Machine -Twin Seater (Refurbished)

Initial D Stage 8 Arcade Game Street Racing Machine -Twin Seater (Refurbished)

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SKU: Initial D Stage 8 Arcade Game Street Racing Machine (Coin Operated)
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Initial D ARCADE STAGE 8 Infinity Twin Driving Machine with Server is a two player arcade driving machine from Sega in which one or more players can race solo or as part of a team.

In this 2014 edition to the long running series, the story mode 'Legend of the Street' has been renewed with new features, like the a new battle rival race gameplay.

There are a number of additional features that have been added, such as the 'Initial D Factory' where you can now joing the Initial D.NET and tune up your cars using D Coin (which can also be used to purchase licensed, etc.), and a new 'Inifinity' element too.

The 'Driving Trainging Curriculum' mode allows player's driving to be evaluated into one of three categories: Second-class, First-class, or, Super First-class. If players reach First-class in all stages, it will unlock some hidden bonuc stgaes for players to enjoy!

The game also features two new course, three new rivals and three new car models - Celica GT-Four, Skyline 25GT Turbo and a Lnacer Evolution V.

Courses include: Lake Anita, Usui, Myogi, Akagi, Akina, Iroha Zaka, Hakone, Tsukuba, Sadamine, Tsuchisaka, Momiji Line, Happo Ga Hara, Nanamagari, Nagao, Tsubaki Lione, and Akina-Snow.

This twin machine does not come with the twin server, which is needed to run the game and play the machines. This offer is suitable for customers who already have a twin Initial D 8 driving games with server and looking to make it a 4 player sert up. Perfect for any medium or large street location and family entertainment centers!

Product Feature:

  • Game Mode: Legend of the street, time attack, online battle, in-store battle, tage battle, racer event mode
  • Cars/Models added:
  • BRZ S [ZC6]
  • CELICA GT-FOUR [ST205] (returned)
  • SKYLINE 25GT TURBO [ER34] (returned)
  • NISSAN GT-R NISMO [R35] (replaced NISSAN GT-R)
  • LANCER RS EVOLUTION V [CP9A] (returned)
  • Courses: Lake Akina, Usui, Myogi, Akagi, Akina, Irohazaka, Happogahara, Momiji Line, Tsukuba, Nagao, Tsubaki Line, Hakone, Sadamine, Tsuchisaka, Nanamagari, Akina Snow
  • 2 Seaters (2 players) with server

Product Specifications:

  • Coin-Operated
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Weight: 323kg
  • Dimension in cm: 113(L) x 170(W) x 211(H)
  • Refurbished unit
  • Warranty: 1 month