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Drum Maria V6 Edition (Refurbished)
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Drum Maria V6 Edition (Refurbished)

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About This Product

Drum Mania V6 includes over 500 songs, making it the the largest collection of songs in a Drum Mania release so far. The songs comprise a wide range of genres including rock and pop.

Gameplay remains the same from previous titles, with players using a simulated drum controller to play the notes of a chosen songs drum part as they are displayed on the screen. Also new to V6 is 'Quest Mode'.


Core gameplay remains the same on DrumMania V5. A new hidden modifier allows the highest prefect hit rate of the individual songs to be displayed simultaneously while playing the song.

Skill percentile of the each individual songs is now displayed when playing as a guest, which was exclusively only for players using the e-Amusement card.

Extra Stage/Encore Stage

As with previous versions of the game, performing very well on the first stages, allows the player to play an Extra Stage with new songs unlocked, available only for this stage. These songs include Walnuts!Driven Shooter and Chronos. Depending on the song chosen and the player's performance on this stage, the player may receive an additional Encore Stage with a preset song, or a Premium Encore Stage (the song is Sonne by Asaki) and then a Blazing Stage, both with preset songs. Making a total of up to three bonus stages.

1 month local manufacturer warranty (excludes tear and wear parts)