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9ft Rasson Ox Pool Table
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9ft Rasson Ox Pool Table

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SKU: 9ft Rasson OX Pool Table
Weight: 110 kg, 0 grams
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About This Product

The Rasson Ox Pool Table is an American-made, professional tournament quality pool table and can be purchased in either 8ft or 9ft.

Used in the prestigious 2019 Mosconi Cup, the Ox features a stunning wide arch leg design, which really gives it a commanding presence in any space it's in. The Klematch P59 cushions guarantee a consistent, professional performance which will endure.

Why Rassons?

1) 30mm Pro Slate : The 9ft table is comprised of precision cut 30mm (1.18″) thick 3pc premium RASSON slate, grinded and then sanded flat within a tolerance of less than 0.1mm. 30 instead of regular 18 rail holes of other tables on the market on each slate tighten the rail and slate better, provide a fine resistance to collision, seismic and abscission; and offer a more average and accurate ball response.

2) Rasson's LevelBox Plus System : Rasson's own levelling system allows for small adjustments to the slate level in 22 places within the slate to enable the most precise installation. 

3) Rail : Our Adamath-Wood rail with unique processing technology compresses phenolic resin into precious hardwood veneers, resulting in a luxurious look with an ultra durable finish that is resistant to warping, scratches, moisture, and heat.

4) Leg Levelling System : Rasson have incorporated a special leg levelling system into the table, allowing you to level the table easily without having to remove the slate.


5) Sights on the Pool Table: Precision diamond-shaped sights are placed within the Adamath-wood rails of the table. This addition allows skilled pool players to see different colours from different angles, allowing players to angle their shots and locate the balls more accurately. 

6) Aluminium Alloy Support Beam: Industrial aluminum alloy features a perfect flatness ,convenient transportation and installation as well as offers a superior stability and precise foundation for the slate while maintaining consistency in virtually any climate.

7) Rasson's Pool Table Pockets :
Rasson have designed their own pocket buckets made from Thermo Plastic Elastomers that reduce the pool balls from bouncing out, dampen impact noise and eliminate scuffing. Each pocket can hold up to 10 balls.
- Patent Number: ZL201620291868.6
- Patented Design; All Rights Reserved.

8) Rasson's cushions : Upgraded from previous Artemis Pool No.66(K66) to KLEMATCH P59(K55) offers a more professional playability. KLEMATCH billiard cushions, made in France, offer a precise and exceptional bounce that is highly appreciated by demanding players. They allow a game of great precision, especially in competition.

9) Cloth : The default color is Simonis 860 Tournament Blue. Other Simonis cloth colors could be available upon request.


Item Specification

  • Dimension: 288.9(L) x 161.9(W) x 81.9(H)
  • Playing Area: 254cm x 127cm/ 100″ x 50″/ 9 foot
  • Slate Thickness: 30mm
  • Slate Qty: 3 pieces
  • Weight: 110kg
  • Warranty: 6 Months

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